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My “Honeybee” photograph is part of the Ohio Valley Art League’s Nature Photography exhibit that’s on display in the Rotunda Gallery of the Henderson County Public Library in Henderson, Kentucky from now through January 3, 2014.

I went to the opening last night and received the Third Place Award!

I’ve got so many photographs I’ve taken at Patchwork and for my garden blog. I’m glad I decided it’s time to do something more with them.

This photo was taken in the garden at Patchwork. I took a bunch of photos of sunflowers this summer and was intrigued by the way that the florets at the center of the sunflowers open a ring at a time. Then the bee came along at just the right moment.



My parents first gave me a camera when I was four or five. Prior to that, I remember running around making a fake viewfinder with my hands and “taking pictures” with it. Dad developed some of my first photos in his amateur basement darkroom. I have never studied photography, but have learned from excellent photographers especially Calvin Kimbrough who documented life at Patchwork for decades.

Over the last fifteen years I have worked in many different community arts programs in which photographs have provided both a record of the learning that takes place and a compelling reason for people to become involved. I also enjoy using the camera as a way to interact with people. It’s an opportunity for me to observe the children and what they’re doing and to get to know them and their unique characters in the process.

So, have I somewhat inadvertently added photographer to my list of artistic endeavors?