Stevenson Elementary

Below is a slideshow of art produced during my November, 2018 residency at Stevenson Elementary in Grandview Heights, Ohio.  The residency was one week long and I worked with about 80 first graders.

The students produced individual fabric figures that were approximately 12″ to 18″ tall. The project was part of the school’s 5 Columns project and the finished figures were intended to be displayed outdoors around the 5 Columns on the school’s front lawn.

The students were very enthusiastic fiber artists. They gave their artwork personalities and names, and were heartbroken at the thought of their creations sitting outdoors. So, we adjusted the project and the first graders created “Wanted” and “Missing” posters to post at the 5 Columns in place of their sculptures.

You can read more about the process on my blog.

This article tells more of the story of the children’s “rebellion”.

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