The Antioch School & Mercy Montessori

This gallery includes fabric people created by students in grades 1-6 at the Antioch School in Yellow Springs, Ohio during a two week residency in 2010. Students worked in groups of 2-4 to build sculptures centered on a theme of their choosing.

The gallery also includes art created during a two week residency by students at Mercy Montessori School in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2010. During the residency, students in 7th and 8th grades worked in groups of 3-4 to create fabric people centered on a theme of the groups’ choosing. Students in 4th-6th grades created fabric collages that depicted the seasons and worked with me to create 4 people, each depicting a season. Students in 2nd-3rd grades designed their own fabric by creating stamps depicting the seasons. This fabric was incorporated into the older students’ fabric people. Children in preschool and kindergarten created batik fabric that was also incorporated into the older students’ art.

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