Student Art

I have always loved to make things. I love to share this joy of creation with my students, especially by building things that use fabric as a simple, versatile, and forgiving material. I hope to make art accessible to everyone and to provide my students with a personal connection between themselves, their materials, traditional arts, and contemporary fine art.

I’m available to teach through the Ohio Arts Council’s Arts Learning Artist in Residence program. In my teaching, I incorporate a wide variety of materials and projects. Residency projects based on my personal art making could range from quilts or figurative sculptures to other forms of fiber-based sculpture and could include group projects or individual pieces. I am interested in both school- and community-based teaching and enjoy working with any range of ages from preschoolers through adults. My ideas are adaptable to the needs and interests of each individual site and can tie into school curricula and academic content standards.

I have worked as an artist in residence and teaching artist since 1997 and in that time, I’ve learned from and have been inspired by my students. In 2006 I received a MA in art education from the University of Cincinnati.

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