The Grand Canyon Project Banner

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Patchwork Central's Permanent Art Collections

Grand Canyon Project Banner

Title: Grand Canyon Project Banner

Artist: Arts & Smarts Program Participants

Date: 2000

This is the giant banner that was made in Patchwork Central’s after school art program in 2000. The children created large self portraits which were cut out and pasted onto a cloth that they had painted to represent the Grand Canyon.  At the bottom of the banner is a “strata study” detailing significant events in the children’s lives for each year of their life, much in the way the layers of rock at the Grand Canyon (and elsewhere) have recorded their own chronological record.

The Banner was created to accompany Amy Rich and Jane Vickers on their epic travels to the Grand Canyon during the summer of 2000. Amy and Jane documented their travels on a website (back when websites were new and blogging was unknown). The trip took three weeks and during that time Amy & Jane collected found objects to…

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