A Collection of Collections

P1190112 s

Jane and I collect lots of really interesting things–well, things that we think are really interesting. Corn cobs, seed pods, a piece of paper from the street, fake flowers from the cemetery trash, cat hair, Barbie doll accessories found in the street, twist ties, twisted metal from the street, game pieces, pantyhose, unusual branches, bent eyeglasses, tire tread.

Some makes it into our art. Some waits to become art. Some is perfect just the way it is.

For our current show, Jane and I had fun bringing our collections together to fill 90 display boxes of intriguing and interesting items. It left us excited and dreaming about future projects and shows.

4 thoughts on “A Collection of Collections”

  1. Amazing! Very original! I won’t be able to go to the opening reception, but I hope to go to see your and Jane’s work later. I want to be up close to the collections.

  2. This display is so much better than what my husband and I do with our similar finds, which is to keep them all in a big bucket. Love this!

    1. Thanks! Jane and I were really interested in including more of our collections in this show and spent a while trying to figure out how to do it. Most of the time, our favorite items are on display in odd corners and shelves in our houses. Jane happened to have all of these identical boxes, and they were perfect.

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