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Bundles of Art

Tree Bundle

Jane Case Vickers and I have a show coming up April 3-28 in the Krempp Gallery at the Jasper Arts Center in Jasper, Indiana.

Our show will be made up of lots of found object sculptures, plus we’re thinking we’ll display some of our odd collections of trash and weird objects. As part of all this, we’re experimenting with the concept of bundles of found objects and assorted materials that are left outside for the elements to weather. The items included in the bundles may have special meaning and that meaning can be enhanced by the weathering process.

Pictured above is my experiment with the idea. I found a fragment of brick in my garden and wrapped it in fabric scraps and paper, some with a brief reflection about the brick written on them. The brick is a reminder of structures that were part of my backyard when the house was built more than 100 years ago. I tied the bundle to the magnolia tree in my yard.

A dilemma

This is the piece I’m working on right now. My dilemma is that I’m not sure I can exhibit it anywhere because it’s so fragile and it begs to be touched at the same time. The little copper wire in the center of this photo is a big part of the problem. The piece is a whirligig and you can blow on it to get it to rotate. I’d wanted the main whirligig to drive some other motion on the piece and after a lot of trial and error I got this little wire to successfully move a gilded electric mixer beater. The connection is tenuous, and if anyone prods it in the wrong way it will bend or break.

It’s a problem I run into on a lot of my art. I’ve got all kinds of stuff on the surface. It asks you to touch and explore. It’s playful. Approachable. Modeled on a toy but very much not something to play with.  I want the viewer to interact with it, but not by touch.

I’m not sure what the solution will be.